[New] BlueBlue Snecon 90S/130S - Swim Bait

BlueBlue Snecon 90S/130S

BlueBlue Snecon 90S/130S is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 3 to 14 days.


The SNECON90S/130S moves “S” shaped orbit such as snake. Big bate lures and jointed big lures are so popular in today. But that can not fly enough distance. The SNECON 90S/130S is one body and center of gravity moves. So, fly distance is nearly usual sinking pencil.
This moving pattern is a lot of types. This is sinking lure, but this is so easily floating. So, you can retrieve shallow area.


BlueBlue Snecon 90S

BlueBlue Snecon 90S - US$19.98


Size: 90mm, 15g
Type: Sinking 
Depth: -
Hook: #6
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BlueBlue Snecon 130S

BlueBlue Snecon 130S - US$27.86


Size: 130mm, 23g
Type: Sinking 
Depth: 20cm
Hook: #3
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