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Yamaga Blanks Early Plus 2016 Models

Early Plus 86M Range Snipe - $277.71 

Early Plus 96M Surf - $293.14


EARLY Plus for Seabass game which have been renewed in 2015 is highly regarded because of that cost performance as fishing rod that is proudly made in japan without any compromises.
Every single Blank which is produced by YAMAGA Blanks is designed to pursue the lightness, the ability of casting and toughness as a reliable tool for fishing.
The characteristic of EARLY Plus is blanks which have been loaded sharpness and tenacious butt section with toughness.
Once large seabass is on, rod will be bent and power of lifting will increase when it is bent more and more.
And in 2016, Another 3 new kind will be added to EARLY Plus series.
These will enable anglers to cast heavy lure long distance and manipulate it at their will with nice and comfortable feeling.
These 3 models has been finished as a family of EARLY Plus series to cover various situation and field of fishing such as port, surf, rivers or estuary.


Yamaga Blanks EARLY Plus

Yamaga Blanks Ballistick HIRA TZ/NANO

Ballistick HIRA 11MH TZ/NANO - $627.99



Ballistick HIRA 11H TZ/NANO - $647.99



Ballistick HIRA model (for Black-fin Seabass) have been renewed with NANOALLOY® technology from TORAY and TORZITE ring guide from FUJI. 107MH, 11MH, and 11H has been designed for not only Black-fin Seabass of course but also for Blue Runner while taking advantage of toughness of butt section and flexibility of tip section.
You might feel some kind of stiffness when you cast, but once you swing it in headwind, that stiffness will be huge advantage for you to aim pin spot.
If you are trying not to miss the chance which might be the first and last opportunity to catch in a day at tough field, New Ballistick Hira series will be your reliable partner for sure. We have been designed and tested these over and over to make it tough fishing rod with flexibility to cast, hook, fight and land fish without any stress. It will be bent instantaneously and returned in a moment thanks to high elastic restoring force of blanks which is consisted of NANOALLOY® technology from TORAY.
Full of potential of New Ballistick Hira series will be educed when you face tough situation at harsh condition of field.


Yamaga Blanks Ballistick HIRA TZ/NANO

Shimano 2016 Vanquish C3000HG - US$439.99


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ModelRetrieveGear Ratio
Max Drag 
Line CapacityRecovery
Handle Length
Ball Bearings
C3000HGRight/Left69185Mono(LB - m) 10-180, 12-150, 16-100
Fluoro(LB-m) 10-160, 12-130, 16-100
PE(# - m) 1-400, 1.5-270, 2-180


Shimano Vanquish Spinnning Reel Features;

+ Micromodule Gear 
+ New Magnumlight Rotor
+ Coreprotect
+ G Free Body
+ AR-C Spool
+ CI4+ Rotor
+ Rigid Support Drug
+ S A-RB 
+ One Piece Bail

Rivalley RBB Tarpoulin Porch IV

Having 2 rooms in a compact pouch, the Rivalley RBB Tarpoulin Pouch IV is a very useful product to organize small items such as snaps, rings and leaders at the field. With a plastick buckle, you can attach the Rivalley RBB Tarpoulin Pouch on your belt, bag and life vest.

Size: W100mm x H150mm x D15mm + 35mm
Material: Tarpoulin
4 colors available



[New] IMA Sasuke SF-75 - US$13.41


75mm6gFloating30 - 80cmOwner Cultiva ST-46 #10

The IMA Sasuke SF-75 is a specialized shallow diver to capture major structures such as berth, pylons and narrow canals. With the small profile and Sasuke's proven action triggers even pressured seabass. The IMA Sasuke SF-75 is the best selection for high-pressured field. The IMA Sasuke SF-75 is available from 16 brilliant colors.

IMA Sasuke SF-75

[Special Offer] IMA Shibumi Limited Edition

IMA Shibumi Spinning Rods | Cloud Nine Tackle

Introducing medium modules graphite blank and cutting edge guide configuration, IMA Shibumi spinning rod debuts with IMA’s soul and aesthetic. Though high modules graphite blank is in the main stream today, IMA attached their mind to medium modules graphite blank. Why? A rod always works with bending. And beautiful bending curve brings us the true pleasure of fishing. However, just only flex blank isn’t enough. The highest and the latest blank technology and appropriate composite of carbon material are required to add both beautiful bending curve and torque. At the first limited edition, Daiwa Air Guide System (AGS) is installed, and the true pleasure of fishing is amplified.

IMA Shibumi Spinning Rod Limited Edition