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Length: 9'6" / 289cm | Weight: 142g | Lure Weight: 7 - 35g | Line Weight: 4 - 12lb / PE#0.4 - 1.0 | Reel Seat: Daiwa Original Oval Reelseat | Power: MLM | Action: -
Estuary, flat, river, harbor, beach and rock shore, there are tremendous kinds of seabass field in Japan. The Daiwa LABRAX AGS seabass rods are produced to capture seabass inhabits such variety of fields in Japan.
At the heart of LABRAX AGS’s design is Daiwa’s latest design innovation ? X45. This new innovation delivers ultimate strength, power, and weightlessness, resulting in an ultra slim blank that eliminates blank twist and massively increases torque, and blank recoil. By using this design the blank returns to its straight form quickly, inturn delivering faster acceleration, and longer more responsive casting. By combining HVF “High Volume Fibre” carbon with X45 construction Daiwa has created a powerful lightweight blank with more responsiveness and sensitivity than ever before.
In addition to the blank technology, Daiwa’s revolutionary new guide system, AGS (Air Guide System) is featured. Its main feature is that the guide frame is made of carbon. The endless pursuit of lightweight guides has encouraged the development of our new Air Guide System. AGS allows lures to cast greater distance and accuracy due to its ability for faster rod speed combined with a rapid decrease in rod vibration. The toughness and rigidity of the carbon frame allows for a much higher sensitivity

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