EclipseAstraia 99F Shallow

Astraia 99F Shallow

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Eclipse Astraia 99F Shallow

Length Weight Type Depth Hook
99mm12gFloating10-30cmTreble SP MH #4
Eclipse Astraia 99F Shallow is back-ordered item - and expected to be in shipped in 4 to 7 days.

The Astraia 99F Shallow is the shallower model of the first Astraia 99F SSR. Its unique off-set lip (bib) grips water right after taking water. Action is maily rolling and slight wobbling. Multi Flat Side body creates thin and tight flashings which is even very attractive for high pressured seabass.
Castability is amazing. Stream Line Form treats air pressure well and the Astraia 99F Shallow is absolutely stable in the air.
The Astraia 99F Shallow is developped to catch more and bigger seabass at super high pressured Japanese field. It must make a solid contribution to your fishing trip.

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