Evergreen Faith 87 Jerkbait

Faith 87 Jerkbait

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Evergreen Faith 87 Jerkbait / #019 Pre Spawn Dynamite

8.7cm8.5gSlow Floating1.0 - 1.5mEvergreen Treble Magic #8

Evergreen Faith 87 Jerkbait is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 3 to 7 days.

Introducing our all new global standard jerkbait "Faith". With a massive water displacement and an irregular darting action, Faith will call in fish from all around. Produced by M. Shimizu. The Evergreen Faith jerkbait is an outstanding tool for targeting fish that want a stop and go suspending bait. The Evergreen Faith is an in-between bait in both size and action, and completes the tri-fecta of the best jerkbaits to come from Japan. The bait features the Evergreen tungsten weight transfer system that allows the bait to be cast great distances while allowing it to quiver and suspend horizontally. The baits three super sharp hooks are positioned perfectly to be not only effective in hooking fish, but in keeping them hooked as well. After you throw this bait you will know why we call it “Faith” 
The Evergreen Faith 87 Jerkbait is available in 18 brilliant colors tested under the BASS Elite series and Japanese bass tournaments.

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