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Vol. 2 - North Craft Adration 125F

It has been 5 or 6 years since I see the North Craft Adration 125F. At the time, it was still a proto type, and the name was the Maestro. Since then, North Craft spent years and years and finally released the Adraiton 125F in the year end of 2012.
Probably many of you think the Adration 125F is a kind of copycat or something. Yes, it looks like the IMA Sasuke series. Actually, I thought so as well. That’s why I hadn’t used it for a year since the debut.
But! I changed my mind after talking with Mr. Kitade who is the founder and the chief designer of North Craft. Now I don’t remember what he said (sorry!), but I remember I fully understand why he produced the Adration 125F. Here is my impression.

Side view;
It looks very standard slim minnow with built-in lip. All 10 colors are very standard ones, but North Craft’s originality can be seen. North Craft’s painting quality is the top rating in many Japanese lure manufactures. Beautiful and tough, I have trusted their paint with no doubt. In addition, North Craft’s original nice and cool 3D eyes motivate me much.

North Craft Adration 125F | Cloud Nine Tackle

This is my Adration 125F. After my rough use, paint is still on.

Front view;
This is the most unique part. The Adration 125F has wider built-in lip. It seems twice wider than the Sasuke 120’s. Gripping more water, the Adration 125F creates stronger action than the Sasuke 120.

North Craft Adration 125F | Cloud Nine Tackle
This wider built-in-lip is the keystone.

Hooks and rings;
The Adration 125F comes with extra sharp VMC hooks and heavy sprit rings. I caught more than 10 big ones (80cm+), but the hooks are still alive and aren’t even strained.

North Craft Adration 125F | Cloud Nine Tackle
VMC is one of the top hook manufacture. But I didn't know they make such quality hooks.

Just a bullet!! Introducing weight shifting system (2 weight balls!!) and aerodynamic body design, it is really easy to cast longer than ever. The Adration 125F is one of the top long casting lures with no doubt.

Brilliant!! The wide built-in lip grips water even in rough water. Its action is stronger than Sasuke 120, but still natural and lively. I can feel enough water pressure caused by the wide lip to keep myself concentrated. But it is not strong as conventional minnow plugs. Fast and slow, the Adration 125F responds various range of reeling speed without losing balance. It dives to a bit deeper than the Sasuke 120. Since seabass is usually very keen on their feeding depth, this medium diving minnow is critical on my lure rotation.

The Adration 125F is definitely the one I have been looking for. I tested it last season and marked the best result. Action, castability and hooks, there is no space to criticize. And the price is only 1728Yen. Now the Adration 125F is always in my go-to-box, and I evolve the game around the Adration 125F when baitfish is 10 to 14cm. The North Craft Adration 125F is the excellent minnow plugs indeed and I would recommend it to all seabass anglers in the world with no doubt.

North Craft Adration 125F | Cloud Nine Tackle

North Craft Adration 125F | Cloud Nine Tackle


North Craft Adration 125F | Cloud Nine Tackle

North Craft Adration 125F | Cloud Nine Tackle

Vol. 1 - Aims x Lucky Craft B'Freeze 100HS Aims Heavy Custom

I have been waiting for this lure for a long time. I have had caught many and many nice seabass with the original B’Freezs 100S. Actually it has been kind of my secret lure for years. In Japan, B’Freeze 100s isn’t a popular lures, and most shops and anglers don’t have it. So it has been a hard-to-find lure here.

Lucky Craft B'Freeze 100S | Cloud Nine Tackle

 This is my B'Freeze 100S Sardine color. I have caught uncountable seabass with it.

Weeks ago, my friend and I were fishing on a boat, and I was casting the 100S and catching seabass as usual. On the other hand, my friend was using this 100HS, and caught more fish more than I did. My 100S was definitely beaten by his 100HS. OMG, what a lure….

Aims x Lucky Craft B'Freeze 100HS Aims Heavy Custom | Cloud Nine Tackle

This is the Aims x Lucky Craft B'Freeze 100HS.

What was the difference?? Obviously, the color is different. My B'Freeze is silver hologram, On the other hand, Aims painted in aluminum plating silver which is really strong base color in day time / clear water. Yuki Inoue, CEO of Jumprize, also insists the possibility of this plating silver color and adopted this color in his new lure, the Surface Wing 120F

How about action?? I have sometimes felt the original B'Freeze wobbles too storong. So I added weight on it and forced it. Introducing tungsten weight ball inside, the 100HS has tight wobbling action and creates irregular action during fast retrieve. 

Now I added 2 colors of 100HS in my go-to box. Please check the 100HS at the link below. You may experience as my friend.

Aims x Lucky Craft B'Freeze 100HS Aims Heavy Custom | Cloud Nine Tackle

Aims x Lucky Craft B'Freeze 100HS Aims Heavy Custom