Ever GreenC-4 Shrimp 2.8" (8pcs)

Ever Green
C-4 Shrimp 2.8" (8pcs)

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Ever Green C-4 Shrimp 2.8" (8pcs)

Length Weight Type Depth Hook
2.8 inch----
Ever Green C-4 Shrimp 2.8" (8pcs) is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 4 to 7 days.

The Ever Green C-4 Shrimp is designed by JB World pro Ken Fukushima who is the one of strongest competitors in Japan. Fukushima says “Bass bites the C-4 Shrimp beyond controversy.” 2 tentacles come from 2 paddle tails and creates phenomenally lively action without working on your rod. Drop shot, trailer and jig head, the Ever Green C-4 Shrimp can be applied on all kinds of rigs and tempt bass under the extremely tough conditions.

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