Ever GreenGimlet (8pcs)

Ever Green
Gimlet (8pcs)

C9 Price: US$6.02

Code: 6gpd_c9

Ever Green Gimlet 1.5 / 2 inch


Ever Green Gimlet 1.5 / 2inch is back-ordered item - and expected to be in shipped in 2 to 5 days.

The Ever Green Gimlet is the new type of LRF soft baits in opposition to its very standard profile. The most focusing point is material. The Ever Green Gimlet is made of E.G.PDW-02 which is very durable and slightly hard. As a result, the Ever Green Gimlet creates variation of actions. With straight retrieve, the Gimlet makes slight vibration as real bait fish. Once you jerk it, the Gimlet darts side to side. The Ever Gren Gimlet is very versatile LRF soft baits with no stress.

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