Gan Craft Killers Bait Mini II

Gan Craft
Killers Bait Mini II

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Gan Craft Killers Bait Mini II

Gan Craft Killers Bait Mini-II Spinner Bait is back-ordered item - and expected to be in shipped in 4 to 14 days.

A specially designed arm is only for the Gan Craft Killers Bait series.

Tow point is located on higher position than other normal spinner baits. This keeps same the posture in both falling and swimming. This is why the Killers-Bait quickly responds and starts swimming fast. Also, swimming position is well balanced, therefore, it keeps the same swimming posture in all situations.

The Killers Bait’s blades are new generation ones which is very different from existing other blades. A Colorado and a Willow blades are connected directly, and the combination creates strong vibration and flashing. In addition, this unique system creates less air resistance than standard double bladed spinner baits. As a result, you can cast the Killers Bait longer than the others.

The Gan Craft Killers Bait Type-1 is available in 12 brilliant colors in 3 sizes with a Japanese quality hook.

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