IMAKosuke 110F

Kosuke 110F

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IMA Kosuke 110F

IMA Kosuke 110F is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 4 to 14days.


Size: 110mm, 17g
Type: Sinking
Depth: 40 - 80cm
Hook: #4
Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!


The IMA Kosuke 110F is an IMA’s new suggestion for the Komomo and Sasuke lovers. Newly developed bill design delivers rolling action in slow reeling, and it transfers to wobn’roll action in fast reeling. Its aerodynamic body profile and weigh transfer system brings you the top rated casting distance. The performance of the IMA Kosuke 110F is definitely the new impact in 40 to 80cm depth of water.

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