Jumprize Rowdy 130F Monster

Jumprize Rowdy 130F Monster

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Jumprize Rowdy 130F Monster

Jumprize Rowdy 130F Monster is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 3 to 14 days.


Size: 130mm, 22g
Type: Floating
Depth: 80-180cm
Hook: Cultiva ST-46 #2

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Jumprize Rowdy 130F Monster is the heavy duty model of the original Rowdy 130F.

The Rowdy 130F is not a universal minnow plug. Once you test it, you should feel the Rowdy 130F has unstable action. Yuki Inoue, the founder of Jumprize, the World Recoed holder for blackfin seabass, investigated the most effective action for monsters thoroughly, and reached the Rowdy 130's particular action. Therefore, you need to understand the concept and the character of the Rowdy 130F prior to cast it, otherwise the effectiveness would be decreased. His purpose of the Rowdy 130F is coincidental irregular action in current. You should have experienced you got a bite right after an irregular action. Oh yes, no any creatures never do clocklike action. Yuki designed the Rowdy 130F to duplicate such action automatically in deeper column. I really agree with his theory. To catch more fish, I always keep in my mind to create irregular actions by myself. In fact, I have caught my memorial fish with such method.

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