EcogearaquaKatsu Aji Straight 2"

Katsu Aji Straight 2"

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Katsu Aji Straight 2"

2inch (55mm)10--Not included

Katsu Aji Straight 2" is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 3 to 7 days.

KATSU AJI STRAIGHT is designed specifically for AJI (horse mackerel). The unique properties of the Ecogearaqua
material produces a natural action and enticing scent that brings AJI to bite. Able to be used with jig head rigs as well as Carolina rigs this lure can be used throughout the entire season over a range of different conditions. The numerous slits throughout make the lure easier to engulf and bring on a deep bite making AJI fishing easier for beginners and advanced anglers alike.

When casting, make sure the area is safe and presents no danger.
Not to be used for any purpose other than fishing.
Not for human consumption.
Keep out of the reach of children
The preservation liquid may gradually change colour overtime or sediment may settle on the bottom, however this does not affect the quality of the product.
Due to the nature of water-soluble polymers, the lure may be slightly firm at first but after a period of time, it will become stable. It has no effect on fishing results.
Store soft plastic lures away from direct sunlight, and out of areas of high temperature.
To avoid drying out, store the lures in the preservation liquid.
After opening, store the lures in an airtight container and use them as soon as possible.
To prevent decay, do not mix used and new lures together, or allow rain water to mix together.
The preservation liquid may be hard to wash off clothes. Wipe with a wet towel, and wash with detergent as soon as possible.

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