[Special Offer] Toray Bawo Exthread Fluorocarbon Line

[Special Offer]
Toray Bawo Exthread Fluorocarbon Line

C9 Price: US$16.20 - US$22.68

Prices vary according to options.

Code: 36gpd_c9

Toray EXTHREAD Fluorocarbon Line

Toray EXTHREAD Fluorocarbon Line is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 4 to 14days. 

Toray, the most trusted and the bestselling manufacture of fishing line in Japan, is now available at Cloud Nine Tackle with big value. Toray’s products are always tested by leading tournament pros, and Toray has been responded their rigorous demands.
The concept of the Toray EXTHREAD “The right choice to the right position.” Toray has released many series of specialty fluorocarbon line to adopt each techniques for decades. The Toray EXTHREAD is the one of their answer for fluorocarbon line. The Toray EXTHREAD is available in 19 sizes from 2 to 20 lb. test.

LB Test22.533.544.556789101112
Diameter (mm)0.1220.1340.1560.1660.1760.1870.198 0.2190.2320.2590.2700.2800.290 0.300
Size150m (75m marking)       150m (50m, 100m marking)       
LB Test13
Diameter (mm)0.3140.3290.3590.3770.411
Size100m (50m marking)80m

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