Tenryu Magna-Impact HERETIC MH 67B-MHH

Tenryu Magna-Impact HERETIC MH 67B-MHH

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Tenryu Magna-Impact HERETIC MH 67B-MHH

Length: 6'7" (1 Piece) | Weight: 137g | Lure Weight: 1/4-1oz | Line Weight: 10 - 20lb | Reel Seat: Fuji ACS 16
Tenryu Magna-Impact HERETIC MH 67B-MHH is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 4 to 14 days.

+++++  Tenryu Blank Technology  +++++
What is Magna Flex??
What is Carbon Nano Tube (C. N. T)??

Rod Concept

+ Exclusive Series
+ Adding more tenacity by New CNT composite
+ Tournament items for aiming at exclusive use

+ Blank: Incorporating the latest techniques such as CNT composite and “Magna Flex” method
+ Guide: Titanium frame SIC guides (micro guides, semi-micro guides, KR guide concepts) placed on preferable place

Rod Description and Use: MH 67B-MHH
+ Essential for fishing at structures or vegitations, such as fishing with Texas rigs or rubber jigs
+ Blanks with tensile strength on the whole
+ Soft tip catching faint bite and hook the target
+ Powerful butt, enough to pull target fish apart from heavy weed cover by tenacity of CNT composite.
+ Sufficient performance enough to hook hard upper jaw of fish, even when casting farther
+ Good at long casting, sensitive control and powerful fishing, effective for fishing at wide weed cover and reeds area

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