Tenryu Lunakia Magnum LKM78M Japan Model

Tenryu Lunakia Magnum LKM78M Japan Model

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Tenryu Lunakia Magnum LKM78M

Length: 7'8" (2 Piece) | Weight: 100g | Lure Weight: 0.8-7g | Line Weight: 2 - 5lb | Reel Seat: Fuji VSS-16 | Power: - | Action: -

Tenryu Lunakia Magnum LKM78M is back-ordered item - and expected to be in stock in 4 to 14 bisiness days.
Rod Concept:
+ Powerful light weight rod
+Designed for fishing with lightclass lines, aiming at giant fish such as seabass, black sea bream and black rockfish more than 1 foot in length
+ Mainly for steady retrieving with small plugs and lightweight jig heads
+ Butt having outstanding power compared to other rods in same size

+ Tubular top having sensitivity and comfortable control, made by “Magna Flex” method
+ Butt with characteristic tenacious power, corresponding to giant fish that suddenly appears
+ Titanium frame SIC guide
+ LG top, LDB and KL-H guide
+ Having system combining tangle free setting and KR guide concept

Rod Description and Use:
+ Model useful with jig head rigs in addition to small plugs
+ Versatile rods for Run & Gun method, useful in various areas such as bay area and rocky shore
+ Useful for aiming at black sea bream with small rubber jig (3 - 5g)

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