Evergreen FACT Craft

FACT Craft

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Evergreen FACT Craft Crank Bait


Size: 47mm, 6.5g (1.85inch, 0.22oz)
Type: Floating
Depth: 100-140cm (3-4.5ft)
Hook: Evergreen Treble Magic #8


Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!


 Evergreen FACT Craft Crank Bait is back-ordered item - and expected to be in shipped in 4 to 14 days.

Evergreen FACT Craft crank bait is the one of a kind tiny bait to capture touchy bass with less time. Though the FACT craft has a very compact body, a magnetic weight transfer system is installed and brings you extra-long casting. Holding a shifting weight with the internal magnet, and with a circuit board lip, the FACT Craft delivers super tight wobbn’ roll action. The Evergreen FACT Craft is designed by the top class Japanese tourney angler, Ken Fukushima, to conquer the ultimately pressured Japanese lakes. <br>The Evergreen FACT Craft crank bait is available in 16 tourney required colors with super sharp Treble Magic hooks. 

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