Ever GreenStream Rogue

Ever Green
Stream Rogue

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Ever Green Stream Rogue

150mm30.0gFloating40 - 70cmTreble Hook #3

Ever Green Stream Rogue is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 3 to 7 days.

The Ever Green Stream Rogue is produced to aim at monster seabass in fast current. Traditional oversized minnow plugs are tend to grip water well to give action on huge bodies. These traditional baits’ action is too strong at high pressured condition such as full moon, clear water and unstable water temperature.
Introducing magnetic weight shifting system inside, the Ever Green Stream Rogue has extraordinary castability and you can approach from the distance.
Newly developed “Water Through Duct” lets water out and creates natural rolling action even n strong current. By holding a slight tension in the stream, the Stream Rogue stays on water column and attracts monster with the natural action. Of course straight retrieve works well. Once you find the best command on the Stream Rogue, you will catch more and more big bites.

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