Evergreen Prop Magic 75

Prop Magic 75

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Evergreen Prop Magic 75

Evergreen Prop Magic 75 is back-ordered item - and expected to be in ghipped in 4 to14 days.

Size: 75mm, 8.0g (3", approx 1/4oz +)
Type: Sinking
Depth: -
Hook: Evergreen Treble Magic #8


The Evergreen Prop Magic 75 is an impressive hard bait which has massive power to call fish from wider and wider area with just straight retrieve. Backed with 2 magnetic shifting weight ball, you can make the longest cast in this size of bait. In today's market, almost alkl the spy baits has 2 props. But the Prop Magic has just one. Since most bass bites the Prop Magic from the front with no hesitation, single prop system incrases hook-up-ratio. The Evergreen Prop Magic is available in 2 sizes and variety of colors. You will have incredible experience with the Prop Magic.

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