Evergreen Esdrive


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Evergreen Esdrive

Evergreen Esdrive is back-ordered item - and expected to be shipped in 3 to 14 days.


Size: 170mm (approx. 6.75in), 42.0g (1.5oz)
Type: Sinking
Hook: #2 (Front), #4 (Rear)

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

At your first cast of the Evergreen Esdrive, you will be impressed  by its incredibly natural glide motion. Not as other glide baits,  the Evergreen Esdrive  has only 1.5oz which means a special swimbait outfit isn't required, and there is no effort to cast. Unique point of the Esdrive is a built-in atabilizer on jaw and back. These staibilizers mends water gently, and prevent from over-action. The Evergreen Esdrive was release a decade ago as a bass lure, but it got another spotlight for seabass game in Japan recently. Once it became a hard-to-get bait, but now Evergreen International unleash the Esdrive to the world again. 


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